About Us

Who we are

Cherish Families was founded and is entirely staffed by people from polygamist backgrounds. With our deep understanding of the fears and barriers that people from this background can experience, we areĀ understanding and empathetic, and uniquely qualified to serve the population.

Our guiding philosophy and founding principles are cultural competence and strengths-based, trauma informed services with complete regard and respect for the dignity of the individual, with focus on strengthening their capacities and ensuring self-determination. To that end, we offer a variety of supporting services that can assist an individual to reach stability and independence, depending on their needs.

Our team members are

  • Alina Darger, Executive Director
  • Shirlee Draper, Director of Operations
  • Amanda Knudson, Advocate
  • Allene Steed, Advocate
  • Sarah Barlow, Volunteer and Facilities Manager