Clothe the Children

Imagine being raised in a community where public education is reviled as worldly and sinful. Imagine never having entered into a public school, library or museum.

Now imagine that your family has been exiled from this community with no warning. Families are hungry for the public education their children have never had.

Cherish Families is raising funds for school clothes and supplies for children who have been expelled from the FLDS community and will be entering school August 13. These children have always worn the traditional clothing familiar to the FLDS community.

Self-esteem is everything to school aged children. Looking different than the other children can be humiliating. We are trying desperately to raise $3,500 to outfit 40 children with school clothes, shoes and school supplies.

The children will go shopping with a mentor. They will learn skills of budgeting, while choosing clothing that appeals to their personal style for the first time in their life.

All funds will go directly to outfitting the children. Additional funds will be kept for any new families in need. Many families are being expelled and are fleeing weekly. They are left with no means to provide for what is required for their children to attend public school.

Please donate today and help make this transition a little easier for the children. Thank you.