For Professionals


Cherish Families collaborates with many government, private and non-profit partners to help provide culturally sensitive and appropriate services and resources to those from polygamist backgrounds. For agencies wishing to partner with us, we offer a Memorandum of Understanding and Confidentiality agreements. Under these agreements, we can both educate and partner for joint case management as well as provide technical assistance.


NASW Continuing Education Credits available

Working with Plural Families/Communities Cultural Competence Training-Part 1– (minimum time requirement 90 minutes) Although there are estimates of 50,000 to 80,000 polygamists throughout the intermountain west, relatively little is known about these families and communities. This training gives relevant information and best practices to providers working with those from plural families and communities.

  • History of polygamy
  • Laws in the state of Utah
  • Historical Trauma
  • Education, healthcare, family life
  • Terminology
  • Myths and Stereotypes
  • Barriers to service for victims from plural families/communities
  • Suggestions for working with plural families
  • Special considerations when safety planning and providing services

Working with Plural Families/Communities Cultural Competence Training-Part 2 (minimum time requirement 90 minutes). An in depth specialized training on working with FLDS clients (former or current)

The FLDS community led by Warren Jeffs became increasingly isolated from mainstream society developing unique terminology, religious practices and requirements. This training helps service providers understand and navigate the incredibly complex nuances to serving victims from the FLDS community.

  • FLDS community changes under leadership of Warren Jeffs
  • Education, healthcare, family
  • Terminology
  • Myths and Stereotypes
  • Barriers to getting help and service
  • Transition and adjustment to life outside the FLDS community
  • Suggestions for working with FLDS clients
  • Cultural considerations