Giving Tuesday


The holiday season is here. We will kick it off by giving thanks and celebrating family on Thanksgiving day. After that, we have Black Friday –  a day for shopping and fun. We’ll get up early before the sun, bundle up warm, and slip out while the children sleep. And then, of course, comes Cyber Monday. Another day of deals and shopping, where those lists truly begin to shrink.

After the hustle and bustle of the week of Thanksgiving, we come upon a new day, a day designed to help us give back.

November 27th is Giving Tuesday

A national event designed for all those people who love the holiday season not only for the lights and the trees, but also for the opportunity to serve others and to experience the joy of giving. Giving Tuesday is a day where thousands of people take it upon themselves to support the nonprofit organizations that they love. By doing so they’re able to make a huge difference.

When you support Cherish Families, your money helps families who have left the FLDS community to rebuild lives that have been torn apart.

Here we serve mothers as they establish themselves as sole providers of their home; we provide Christmas to children who would not have the experience otherwise. We provide training and education not only to the individuals in our care, but also to the agencies who work with these individuals.

Together, we help them create a new life.

It starts with you, and then it becomes us.

Your donations help us support these families.

Your donations provide Christmas.

Your donations become the source for new lives for these families.

Your donations support therapy and rehabilitation for children that have been abused and neglected, for women recovering from physical or sexual trauma, and for families that don’t know how to rebuild.

Your donations are the foundation for all that we do!

In the last year we have mentored over 50 adults and supported them as they rebuilt their lives. We’ve provided more than 1,000 victim advocacy services to individuals who have suffered physical or sexual abuse, emotional trauma, and many other crimes. We’ve trained more than 10 government and non-government agencies in providing services to these families. We’ve held community events designed to encourage family time and parental interaction. These have been attended by more than 400 people.

Our goal this year for Giving Tuesday is $3,000. Support us as we support them by donating to our organization for Giving Tuesday. Every donation, no matter how small, goes toward making a very big impact.

The following link will take you to PayPal where you can easily support our organization. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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