Shape the Future of Your Community with the Short Creek RARE Community Assessment

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The RARE Assessment is a community wide assessment that will look at the needs, opinions, assumptions, assets, and key issues within the Short Creek Community.

During this assessment a variety of tools will be used to gather data including: 

  • Social Mapping

  • One - on -One Cultural Expert Interviews

  • Focus Groups

  • Secondary Data Analysis

What are the goals of the RARE Assessment?

  • With this assessment, the goal is to describe and monitor local needs, patterns of behavior, and community dynamics. 

  • Use new knowledge to identify and implement interventions toward client goals

  • Examine interventions' impacts on the community 

On a community level, using the data from this assessment, we hope to achieve the following:

  • Change the dialogue about the community

  • Combat community deterioration and poverty

  • Identify community aspirations

  • Help access opportunities for health, rehabilitation, and social services

  • Provide opportunities to raise resident economic and education levels

  • and determine residents' needs 


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