Education is foundational to success and stability. Cherish Families is committed to providing access to education for anyone from plural (polygamous) families or communities, no matter the age or education level. We specialize in assisting families to keep or re-enroll children in school, as well as assisting adults to access certificate, GED and college programs. Contact us to inquire!

Family Resource Facilitators (FRF)

FRFs provide supports that help strengthen families who have children with complex needs. These services help children remain in their own homes and communities. This is accomplished by using a high fidelity wraparound approach to coordinating services using the families’ strengths to meet their stated goals. This can mean helping with finances, education, childcare, healthcare, preventing truancy and many other supports. Let us know if you would like to be considered for this program.


Sometimes people from plural (polygamous) families or communities have different or (for women) fewer job skills for higher-paying employment. This can hamper their ability to reach self-sufficiency. Cherish Families helps with access to certificate programs and/or access to employment which supports their families. We also collaborate with Dept. Workforce Services (Utah) and Dept of Economic Security (Arizona) to assist with other resources, education, resume building etc. Below is a list of some of the current opportunities we can assist with as well as links to DWS and DES. Contact us to inquire about certificate, scholarship and other programs that can help you become independent!

For additional employment resources in Utah, contact the Department of Workforce Services
Lois Jones with Department of Workforce Services 435-986-3512
In Arizona, contact the Department of Economic Security


Stable housing is a key component in having peace of mind and moving forward with healing. Coming from the FLDS, where the housing agreements were not traditional or from an isolated background can leave a person with insufficient resources, credit history, or the know-how to get housing. Not to mention the challenges of finding affordable housing to accommodate large families. Cherish Families helps those in transition to find the shelter they need. To see if we can assist you, contact us.

Basic Needs

Cherish Families provides food, clothing, hygienic and basic needs for families from polygamous families or communities that are in a crisis. In addition, we work with clients to set up long term supports to help provide for basic needs while moving toward stabilization. For information on basic needs contact us here

Legal Help

Cherish Families does not directly provide legal advice or representation, but we can make referrals for legal assistance to our partners when needed. Our legal partners understand the dynamics of working with plural families and the complexities in working with plural (polygamous) families. In qualifying cases, we can help cover the cost of those services. To see if you qualify for legal help contact us

Advocacy and case management

Cherish Families advocates are experts who assist those from fundamentalist polygamous families and communities in dealing with a crisis by helping them make good decisions, personalize a plan, and use systems and resources to their best advantage. We help clients to take an initial step back, so as to make sound decisions going forward. Some of the services provided by our advocates include but are not limited to:
Suicide prevention and postvention counseling and resources
Protective orders
Obtaining legal documents including birth certificates and social security cards
High conflict reunification of parents with their children
Protective orders
Accompaniment to court, law enforcement interviews
Interface with Division of Child and Family Services (Utah) and Child Protective Services(Arizona) Shirlee do we want to add this? This help is often super important to families.

Each client is connected to an advocate/case that understands the unique challenges people from plural families or communities may face. This case manager is a point person for them as they navigate a journey to self-sufficiency and independence. Case management helps survivors set realistic goals and create safety plans; as well as identify appropriate resources and provide referrals and information that help them stay safe and meet their goals. Case managers help survivors access counseling, medical care, educational opportunities and more. They assist with applications for housing and payment of expenses associated with their case. Consistent case management provides survivors with steady support as they obtain skills and resources necessary to become self-sufficient and heal from abuse trauma.

Counseling and Support Groups

Cherish Families partners with culturally trained, trauma-informed counselors to provide support to adults, children, and teens. These counselors and therapists provide therapy to minimize re-victimization, facilitate healing, emphasize individual choice, and strengthen personal boundaries and privacy. The tools they provide to help manage past trauma and adversities are valuable to moving forward and stabilization.

Support Groups

Developing a strong support system is one key to establishing independence. To facilitate that, Cherish Families in partnership with The DOVE Center offers “A Healing Journey” class in a support group style to adult female survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. The class is held in Hildale/Colorado City. The group setting is a place to learn more about the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence and provide support to other survivors of abuse as well as give tools for healing and moving forward.

For information about time and location of community events or support groups, please see the calendar or contact us