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In the past year Cherish Families has created multiple community service projects including food and clothing drives, supporting families in creating magic for their children during the Christmas season, raising money to support children going into the education system for the first time, and many other project. We have supported over 200 adults and 500 children through direct advocacy and community services.

This advocacy includes the following:

  • Legal Aid Services
  • Suicide prevention and post-vention counseling and resources
  • Access to basic needs such as food and clothing
  • Business start up mentoring
  • Protective orders
  • Teen social skills and group mentoring for FLDS youth
  • Obtaining legal documents for children including birth certificates and social security cards
  • High conflict reunification of FLDS parents with their children
  • Mental health services and counseling
  • Medical services
  • Employment services and job skills
  • Support in working with DCFS
  • Peer mentoring for women in crisis
  • Integration into public education for children from FLDS
  • Housing
  • Guidance in filling out applications for services
  • An understanding, listening ear

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