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Welcome to Cherish Families

Cherish Families provides resources to support and empower those coming from Mormon Fundamentalism, plural families, or polygamist communities. We are entirely staffed by people from these communities. Our expertise is providing culturally sensitive, comprehensive services to stabilize and equip individuals and families for their best life.

Comprehensive Services

Victim Advocacy Services

Assistance with victims reparations, protective orders, counseling, basic needs and other services.

Peer Mentoring

Support from a community peer who has overcome similar barriers and adversity; a friend who will walk through the process to ensure success.

Cultural Competency Training

We provide training to government and non-government agencies on best practices when working with people from plural families and communities. This training gives agencies practical tools to apply in the unique challenges that face this population.

Education and Outreach

Cherish Families provides family enrichment courses and education directly to plural families and communities. This includes training on how to deal with the following: sexual assault, domestic violence, healthy communication, parenting and life skills as well as connection to trusted, trained professionals in a variety of fields.

Community Advocates

Cherish Families employs and collaborates with trained, certified advocates embedded in the community.

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To learn more about any of our services, or to learn how you can collaborate with us, email or call 1-435-277-0960

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