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News & Events

There is always something happening at Cherish Families - we may be running a fundraising event, or teaching a class, or maybe just acknowledging the people who work with us and the people we serve. We are community oriented and exist to make a difference in the community and to FLDS victims or victims of crime within polygamist communities. If you'd like to see photos of past events, you can find them here. 

As an organization, we are committed to making a difference both in our actions and through our resources. Much of what we share through this section will be shared in the hopes that it will provide education regarding the many issues we as a society deal with and resources for those who may be dealing with their own struggles. 

If you have news requests or would like more information regarding our organization, contact us today!

Coming soon! We love to share our knowledge! This section will be a source of extensive educational resources about our cause that we’ve collected through years of research. 

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