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Saying 'I'm sorry' Can Save Relationships

Saying 'I'm sorry' Can Save Relationships

More than likely you've been told that communication is the key to a working relationship. This rule applies to every relationship - work, children, spouses, parents, friends. Communication plays a huge part in making a good relationship great. However, while it is one key component it is not the only component.

Part of what makes communication work is the willingness to put yourself in another's shoes and to see the experience from their perspective. It's the willingness to listen to such a degree that you understand their experience. When you do this, even if you don't agree with their ideal or interpretation, you can have compassion and understanding, both of which create healing and growth. 

Another aspect of listening is being willing to take responsibility for your part in a disagreement or in the pain caused to another. This article is so great because it explains why it's important to apologize even if you feel you've done nothing wrong. 

For a lot of us, apologizing for something we know we didn't do feels like we are taking blame or at fault for the other person's experience. But in reality, apologizing is often a way of saying, 'hey, I know you hurt and I know I had a hand in it. I'm sorry.' When you do this, you're showing the other person that you value them and the relationship you have with them more than you value the need to be right. Apologizing can do wonders for relationships.

For more in-depth information on why apologizing is great for relationships, you can follow this link. And who knows, maybe try it today and see what it does for you and the ones you love


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